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A l l i E D
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Download AlliED full version
Current release: Version 1.573
System Requirements

Pentium class processor
Windows 95, 98, XP
16 Mb RAM
Approximately 3 Mb hard disk space
800 x 600 screen resolution, 16 bit color
Full retail version of X-Wing Alliance

XvtED screenshot AlliED v 1.573

AlliED is a FREEWARE mission editor for X-Wing Alliance.

***Please note that I cannot provide individual e-mail support for unregistered users.


This version is the same as the registered version - I've only removed the registration code - so in theory I shouldn't have created any new bugs, but if you notice any please let me know.

For the first time I've made an installer, but you've also got the option of downloading the separate components. Registered uses should only need to overwrite the AlliED.exe file.



Download (1.4 MB) Contains the AlliED executable, Help file and Support files.



Separate downloads (download only if not using the installer):

To install this way, just create a directory, extract all files into it and run AlliED.exe. To uninstall, choose Options/Preferences and click the "Clear Registry Key" button, then delete the directory.

AlliED executable (785 kb)

Help file (466kb)

Support files (85 kb)


X Wing Alliance © & TM LucasArts Entertainment Company
AlliED © Troy Dangerfield 1999 - 2007